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 Erasmus Mundus : qualité et rayonnement de l'enseignement supérieur européen

Master et Doctorat Erasmus Mundus en Ingénierie des Membranes



After having been selected by the European Commission as part of Erasmus Mundus, Master EM3E (coordinated by UM) and PhD EUDIME (in partnership with UM) projects have led to the creation of a Master and an excellency PhD in Membranes Engineering, in partnership with several European universities. These projects stem from collaboration between numerous partners through NanoMemPro, a European Excellence Research Network coordinated by the French National Centre for Scientific Research (CNRS), through IEM (European Membrane Institute, connected to the University of Montpellier-2, CNRS and ENSCM) and the Laboratory of Chemical Engineering of the Paul-Sabatier University of Toulouse.


Pollution of air and of water resources, accelerated depletion of fossil fuels: mankind is facing critical issues. Membrane technologies have a crucial part to play in these challenges and will certainly be a part of the future solutions.

Membrane Technologies already play a major role in the agri-food industry, the drug industry, health industry, drinkable water production and wastewaters treatment.


More details on this programme are available here:


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Former EM3E Erasmus students who got together again at the Euromembrane2015 conference