April 15 - 16 2014. Casablanca, Morocco

   « Science and Membrane Technology »
   Theme: Renewable energies and water treatment. Present state and prospectives.

  April 17 2014. Kenitra, Morocco

   « Renewable Energie – Water » Platform unveiled – Al Annouar High School, Sidi Taibi






STM Renewable energies and water treatment. Present state and prospectives

Two day’s work, focusing on information, but also on education about the links and interactions between renewable energies and water treatment, leading to an efficient sustainable development.

Renewable Energies – Water platform unveiled

After two days of STM, the attendees visited a water treatment plant providing drinkable water and powered by renewable energies (solar energy and wind power). The official unveiling took place the 17th of April, in the presence of national and international representatives.

Water and energy are crucial for the social and economic development of our world. Responding to this ever-growing need is a challenge, demanding efforts in order to improve both the quality and the quantity of available water.
To transfer water, make it dinkable, purify wastewaters, desalinate sea water, energy is required. For now, this energy is mainly provided by fossil fuels, whose supplies are going to critically decrease in the future. In certain areas, energy is simply lacking, making it difficult for local populations to get any long-term access to water, which is a crucial tool in the struggle against mass poverty. Renewable energies, originating directly (photovoltaic systems have a high-growth potential) or indirectly (wind power systems are strongly implied) in solar power, can now benefit from major technological progress, brought by science and technology.